Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday was the fourth of July and today I've been thinking about all the money wasted on fireworks (they're legal in WA.) While I was wagging my finger at my neighbors (and others) I was struck with the reality of something I waste on a daily basis. 

To be sure, I try not to put too much pressure on the earth space I live in. I recycle, re-use all my bags, don't run water while I'm brushing my teeth, and try not to leave unrecognizable food in my fridge. No, the thing I waste is not water, bags or's time. Every day, I  waste too much of it on things that frankly are petty. One of my problems is a failure to prioritize my day. Periodically I will get a momentum going and for a while I'm rolling forward like a trucker headed to LA. But then distraction raises its ugly head and I'm side tracked. 

I have no idea how many days, weeks or years the Lord will leave me here, but my heart's desire is to serve Him well in the mean time. I need to be more faithful to begin each day seeking His plan for my day. It's amazing how His plans work so much better than mine.