Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"I live, I ride I am!"

 Last night I had trouble sleeping and that Jeep commercial kept running through my head...I live, I ride, I am, I live, I ride, I am!" Catchy, but not in the middle of the night. I decided, in my non-sleepy-state, to change the slogan around a bit. "He died, I live, I am."

 It fits doesn't it? As a Christian I live by the truth of Christ dying for me. Because He died and rose again, I live. Therefore if I live by/in Christ, I am. 

 Now, if I only had a sleek new Jeep, I could put this on a bumper sticker. Oh well, Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Ministry of Tears

"Weep with those who weep," the Bible says. I've been shedding a lot of tears lately, and not for myself. Life is extremely difficult for many people right now. A family we've known for years is battling childhood cancer for the third time with their nine year old, while another fights a different kind of cancer with a young wife and mother of four. We, the by-stander, are asked to pray, to come along side and "weep with those who weep." Because each one of our tears actually contains the love of God within the saltiness of their existence, we're invited to pour them out.

 Don't we all struggle with  what to say,  in response to tragic situations? I have. But, I've found it's not what we say, as much as what we do, in response to another's grief that counts. Therefore, I will not ever be embarrassed by my tears. Sometimes there are simply no words.