Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From My Heart to God's

Dear Lord,
     You know my heart. You know how hard I struggle with feelings of helplessness in the face of suffering. How can I make a difference? Even when I do raise my hand to do something, I wonder... does it really matter? Can one person make an impact in a world of hurting children?
     How faithful you are to show me just how important one person can be in the life of another.  I thank you that your hand is on the ministry of Compassion International, and that through them, one good intention builds on another. Remarkably then, not just one child is impacted, but hundreds, and eventually thousands.
     Sometimes it's hard to step out when the need is so enormous. But believing in the power of your direction, it becomes simple. Pledging to sponsor a child through Compassion International is faith in action. It's putting feet to the gospel in order to touch the "least of these."
     Thank you for the opportunity to spread your love to the little people you love so much. Thank you for blessing me so that I might be a blessing.

Your daughter, Sharon

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School's Not for Everyone!

Today was the first day of school for thousands, including my two oldest grandchildren, going into high school and fourth grade. They were nervous and excited at the same time. School and all that goes with it is a very big deal in every child's life...or should be.

it's sobering to think that there are thousand and thousands more children around the world for whom school never happens. Never! Not only that, but there are those who spend every day hungry, foraging for food and sometimes even shelter in places we've never seen in this country....like huge, stinking garbage dumps.

But there is hope! After reading about the ministry of Compassion International, I was inspired by the integrity surrounding their mission to help children who suffer from lack of even the barest of essentials.  They reach out to be the heart of Jesus in the most practical of ways. I want to be Him to the world. How about you?

Your involvement in Compassion International, can be so simple. First, I challenge you to view this ministry up close by looking at their website...www.compasioninternational.org.  The information is eye-opening, and heart wrenching. Next, maybe you could pray over a child or two. How about praying about your own involvement. Sponsoring a child is so simple, yet so effective in changing that child's future. When you get to the website, check out Sponsor a child, page, and you'll see what I mean.

I'm so excited to be able to share the heart of Compassion International. Can't wait to bring you more information tomorrow.

Thanks, Sharon