Saturday, September 17, 2011

Merry-go-round Gifts.

I've been focused lately on living in the moment. Yesterday, I almost missed one...a delicate, lacy one.

Trimming a plant while watering is such a menial task. A simple duty that takes little attention and little time. As I pruned, I ever so slightly gave the greenery a turn...something caught my eye.

The opposite side...the one soaking up precious light, had gifted itself with a splash of delicate whiteness. I continued the rotation, like a down-sized merry-go-round...sans the music. "Oh!"

The entire back side was covered with the gift of profuse blooms. Surprise, it shouted! Look what you almost missed. "Lord," I whispered...thank you." I'd forgotten this plant ever bloomed at all.

Living in the moment means giving my full attention to the flowing of time that surrounds me with inevitable movement...for sure God's plan. The flow moves me forward, but focusing on the moments at hand instead of the future or the past, I am free. Freed up to notice little gifts on the backside of things.

After my merry-go-round surprise, I began to wonder how many other gifts from God I might have noticed if only I had been more attentive, more awakened to the possibilities of hidden blooms. Since "if only" can drive me to rooms marked guilt and frustration, I refuse to enter there. Not today, hopefully, not ever. See, I'm learning the lesson of moment living after all.

When I am, like a prisoner freed, loosed from the burden of future worry and past mistakes, I am able to focus on the Source of life Who gives me life. A life filled with the exquisite gifts God wishes to lavish on His child. Here I am...I am she! The one He's chosen...the one He dotes upon, and shouts out love to from every corner of the earth... Sharon, come and see...come and see that I am good.

It's exciting to move about with new vision. Who knows what I might discover the next time I water a plant, glance out a window, or open my mail. I can't wait.