Friday, August 26, 2011

Can You Hear Him?

When I hit the ground after a collision with another biker, my life changed in an instant. The pain was unbearable, and all I craved was prayer. In the back of the ambulance, blood flying everywhere, I cried out to the Lord in song. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint." When I finished, I heard the Lord say, "You're going to walk." I believed Him, though I didn't know my leg was more than broken. It had imploded.

At the hospital, the doctor looked at my x-rays and declared he had no idea where the rest of my leg had gone. Four inches had broken off my tibia and was now missing. After five hours of surgery and three blood transfusions, the doctor concluded that I'd never walk without a crutch or a cane because of the damage to my knee.

That's when I remembered what the Lord had declared to me in the ambulance. I clung to that promise as time went by and I became stronger. In only four months, I was fitted with a brace to support my leg and told that I'd mostly likely have to wear it the rest of my life.

The first time the doctor saw me walk towards him without a crutch,cane OR brace, he declared me a walking "miracle." Of course I was! But I believed all along this day would come.

In the past, I'd spent years walking around the back roads near my country home, but after the accident, I wasn't sure if that would continue even though I now got around my daily life with ease.

On the anniversary of my life-altering-experience, a friend and I went on a victory/praise walk. It was only a quarter mile, but it was sweet and lovely. My thoughts went back to that day in the ambulance. "Oh Lord, I prayed, thank you for giving me ears to hear your comforting voice."

Is there something God has been saying to you? Sometimes He speaks in a still, small voice, or through His Word, or another believer. Wait in expectation, friends, for indeed, He has something to say.

Walking forward with a listening heart, Sharon

PS In the years since, God has restored my leg so that I'm able to walk 8-10 miles every week. Praise the Lord!

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