Monday, August 20, 2012

Praises From a Small Window

I've been following the advice of Ann Voskamp after reading her book One Thousand Gifts...looking, then expecting to find moments of gratitude in my daily surroundings and circumstances. She calls them "eucharisteo" moments.

After nearly a year, it's become a habit, this waking to expectation. Scripture says "all my expectations are on Him." So I search and wait...  Now, the window in my bathroom has become my daily starting point. First, I crack it...let  the happenings of my backyard float inside...sounds of jays, finch and sparrows at the feeders with scrambling squirrels on high wires. Best of all is to hear, laughing children from behind the fence.. Ah, the awakening!

I open the window a little wider and hang my head out to spy tiny orange tomatoes becoming sweet promises for later in the week. From here I can just see ripening grapes behind huge green leaves and curly tendrils.  And oh wow, catch a glimpse of an leaf turning fallish on the maple tree.  Next I check on our first ever apple crop. "Crop" loosely defined as a dozen apples. Time is ticking...I can hear that from this place of gratitude as well.

Lord, how I praise you for the opportunity to see with my heart the things from your bountiful, grace filled moments. Thank you for the gifts that You've created for those who look....even from one small window.

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