Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm old, now what?

"Old" may be just a state of mind, but tell that to my body. It knows its old! It aches, and I'm pretty sure it can't get on a horse anymore. My new saying is this: "It is what it is!" That being the case what's next? Well, I'm praising God that my mind is reasonably sound and that I have the privilege of waking up every morning with the knowledge that I am loved by Him. This alone gives me courage to pray: "Here I am, send me." Then what? I wait. Though I'm well into my sixties (remember the photo of me has been photo shopped), God still has a plan for me. These are creative years and now I have time to pursue some deep passions, like writing.
I have time to give back to my family, including my granddaughters. I love picking them up for school, or going on a field trip, or taking them to Saturday garage sales. They don't care that I dye my hair, or still use words like "groovy." Or that I'm not always fashionable in the Berkies I wear daily.
Who ever we are, young or old, God will equip us for ministry. I once had a friend who didn't drive, and had some serious medical issues. She prayed constantly for others and wrote wonderful poetry, shared through a prison ministry. She was in her seventies at the time and called herself God's Little Sparrow. God doesn't want us to isolate ourselves, but share what we know about Him with others.
What will that look like in your life? I don't know. But, I do know that you have value in the Kingdom of God, and that the Kingdom of God is at hand!
Many blessings to you, Sharon

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