Monday, October 26, 2009

Like a Bird Wanders excerpt.

"Before reading this passage, I was afraid to die, now I'm not." A reader from Utah

Her lips parted, making an effort to speak to the Heavenly presence filling the room. Resplendent color overflowed every square inch, penetrating minute fibers of Grace's being, even her closed lids. Fragmented rays, brilliant with opulence, bounced off of each other, then mingled into jeweled shapes like the inside of a kaleidoscope. She opened her eyes, tried to raise her head. Too heavy. She so desired to reach out and touch the scarred hand extended to her, one chiseled perfectly like fine marble, emanating with the fullness of life. Peace pulsed in gentle undulations from the most exquisite being she'd ever encountered, while a fragrance light as air, flowed sweetly to Grace's last repose.

"Jesus, I knew you'd come." Her eyes blinked several times, fluttering like autumn's last leaf...drifting...drifting...  " You...Jesus." A slow, final sigh imitated the familiar breath of the morning breeze delicately rocking the windchime outside her window. No sign of struggle remained---only the graceful reflection of peace, her soul  now resting in the youth of eternity.

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