Monday, November 2, 2009

A Woman of Substance

 She's raised six children, has twenty-two grandchildren and about that many great-grandchildren...and...she knows all of their birthdays...amazing! We're related, second cousins, but she's more like my mom/aunt, and we both love the Lord. Visiting her is a joy since before moving to Gresham, Or., from Montana, we hardly ever got to spend time together. Our visits usually center around lunch, a little shopping and lots of talking. 

Her memory is perfect most days, but it makes me sad to see her body failing. She, of course, doesn't like it either. During our last visit, I didn't want to leave, because every minute was so precious.

The good news for the two of us is this: We will have eternity together...loving, reminiscing, and worshiping the Lord God of the Universe. When she's gone, she will have left so much behind and for that, I am grateful.

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  1. That is so sweet to have those special times and know that you will be able to continue them in the eternity!