Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

On facebook, many of my friends there are choosing one thing everyday to be thankful for until Thanksgiving. Awesome! There's just something wonderful about being reminded of all the things God has blessed us with in this country. Most posts contain simple things, like a warm house, a cup of hot coffee, or a crackling fire. But others have walked through some huge milestones this past year.

One family will be celebrating their son's ninth birthday, and he still has a Hickman Catheter from his second bone marrow transplant. They are beyond grateful for this birthday and the healthy progress he's making.

Some are missing family members who have died this past year, but continue to be thankful for those lives, regardless. They'll never be forgotten. It's a struggle, yet they do not despair.

Others have spouses, or sons and daughters in the military, and will have empty chairs at the dining table over the holidays. Still they say: "God is good, and we are grateful."

Me? I'm grateful for the small things like that fire and a good cup of coffee. But I'm also grateful to the Lord God of the Universe for His non-stop faithfulness to me over and over again. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.

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